You’re joking, right?

One of my favorite times of day.
The sun is only beginning to kiss the sky.
And it’s so still, I can hear myself breathe,
as I tiptoe to my quiet space.

Kneeling on my prayer blanket,
I start my day.

Just me, my Soul, and The Wind.

As I prepare myself for a day of magic,
carefully conjured for my son
to begin his journey into manhood,
The Wind makes Its presence known.

The warmth of the flame embraces me.
The silence of the morning envelops me.

The “Love” that I’m made of bubbles to the surface
and connects with the “Love” that surrounds me.

Eyes closed softly.
Breath deliberate.

I shush the “to-do’s” that yell for attention.
I remind my mind that it’s okay to relax.
I urge my heart to open.

And then I hear it 
my Soul’s Cry,
(This) is what I want.”

New possible realities explode across my imagination,
clear but shocking.

My mind swirls, questions, challenges, and refuses,
“You’re joking, right? That is THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION.”

“Yes, that’s why there is such fatigue.
(This) is what I really WANT,
but you’ve been focused on NEED.
But look.
Look at (this).
Wouldn’t (this) give us everything we want and need?”

Yes. Yes, it would.

The aftershocks of that Soul Earthquake continue to rumble through my being as I take action toward what I heard, saw, and felt as possible – toward the deeper satisfaction of my Soul…toward the next expression of living my message.


I watch most of my clients, colleagues, and soul brothers and sisters face moments just like visions, inspirations, and nudges from The Wind or their own Soul that invite them to the next expression of who they are and simultaneously shatter their current understanding of who they are, what they want, and why they’re here.

Whether it’s the vision of changing the world with a message, the inspiration to pick up a paintbrush, or the nudge to wait on the business to love their family through something difficult, I always encourage them to hold it close to their hearts and nurture it until they are ready to share it with others.

I’m going to take my own advice here, and hold off on the sharing of the details.

But it won’t be long, because while this is going to allow me to be more me, it’s going to change my day-to-day activities and possibly my interaction with all of you…

In the meantime…

If you’ve been downloaded a new vision…
If you’ve been inspired to do something different…
If you’ve been feeling nudged in another direction…

You’re not alone.
And it’s okay…
To listen to your Soul.
To trust your Gut.
To let go and ride The Wind.

And it’s also okay to hang on a little longer…
And figure out what it will take to make you feel safe enough to move in the direction of your Soul’s cry.

Every time I’ve done it, magic has been unleashed in my life.

Cheers to more Upside-Down Magic.