The Story Oracle

Illuminating and Empowering Speaker, Facilitator, and Author
Co-founder/CEO of Saved By Story Publishing

Hello There...

My name is Amanda, and I love STORY.

  • Binge-watching and reading…
  • Studying and learning and challenging…
  • Witnessing individuals divulge them for the first time and open a portal for their healing…
  • Sharing the ones that illuminate and empower by making audiences and clients feel seen and known…
  • Using them to facilitate increased awareness, meaning, connection, trust, ease, and productive flow for individuals and groups…

I’m married to my high-school soulmate. 

I’m in business with my son and favorite fellow storylover, my sisters, and four clients-turned-friends-turned business partners. 

And all of it is more meaningful and magical—even when it’s messy—because Story is my first language, my favorite medicine, and always the most powerful invitation to a deeper connection with myself, others, and my mission.

Today, I’m sharing the Story Elixir I’ve found through speaking, facilitating workshops and retreats, and playing my chosen role in two companies with story-focal missions. 

Those were the “Cliffs Notes.”

If you want to learn more about how I became The Story Oracle, flip through the “book” below and then check out what I’m doing over at Saved By Story Publishing. 

Shaped and Saved By Story

More Story Magic for Messengers

...because it's always more than just a book.

We use the power of Story, Writing, and Community to help messengers move from Inspiration to Impact. That means a soul-aligned foundation for their message—a book, a signature talk, a curriculum, a revenue model, or any combination they desire—and everything required to launch a life-changing book and world-changing paradigm. Our fiction and nonfiction stories help adults address individual and collective trauma, discover and apply new paradigms for healing, and do the work to heal and raise a generation that is more whole in body, mind, and soul.