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A Religion of Story

When her son was born, Amanda Johnson was in the middle of a spiritual crisis that had stripped her of her foundations, family, and physical health. All she had to offer him was an oath to protect his mind and heart from disempowering messages and teach him how to think and feel for himself. Her efforts quickly led to stunning results, but it wasn’t fun until she realized Story could be their medium. Her classical training had shown her how to engage messages socratically, and she was able to use this pathway to keep her promise.

It took sixteen years for her to grasp the impact of this approach, but only a minute to realize they had to share it.

A Religion of Story is Amanda and Aaron’s collaborative effort to share their most profound conversations about their favorite stories and lessons learned, and show parents a powerful way to cultivate character and preserve freedom in our children and culture.

What could be more fun than learning while enjoying popcorn, dark chocolate, and epic stories?

What Audiences are Saying

You Can't Make This St*ry Up

One message coach,
nineteen clients,
and hundreds of st*ry collisions
…turned into…
almost two dozen chapters that will inspire you as a creative and/or coach.

After many years of engaging, clarifying, and helping others develop powerful messages as a Student, a Teacher, and a Master Writing Coach, Amanda uncovered her own. The decision to share it with the world launched her on a journey of transformation that quickly made her limited life unrecognizable. Two years later, when she launched True To Intention to support aspiring authors through the process of writing their books, she quickly discovered that her mission was less about keeping the messages on track and more about helping the messengers reveal and heal their own sacredly-coded stories.

As she marveled at the individual journeys, she began to notice something very strange. The messages and their messengers were coming into her life at the perfect moments to support and propel her own personal healing and professional development.

You Can’t Make This St*ry Up is Amanda and her rabble of clients- turned-friends’ collaborative effort to share their individual and collective stories to help other messengers, creatives, and coaches like you:

Consider alternative reasons for “writer’s block”
and find the real force driving that inspiration

Recognize the opportunity for healing that comes
with each phase of creation and/or client

Discover and savor all of those past, present,
and future YCMTSU moments

If you are feeling stuck and unable to move your project or your coaching business forward, prepare to laugh and cry your way to your biggest breakthrough yet.

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Upside-Down Messenger

Why can’t I get this f-ing message out?

The inspiration to share a message hit like a lightning bolt, instantly altering the trajectory of Amanda’s storyline, transporting her to a magical version of her world where anything was possible…

…until it was time for her to get the message out.

Even with years of training and experience in content development, and helping other messengers publish powerful books, talks, and courses, Amanda was unable to move her beloved project forward. Fortunately, she uncovered what was stopping her and got to work on the real issue while she collected the tricks, tools, and team members she would need to eventually write her book in less than three weeks, publish and launch it as an Amazon Bestseller less than two months later, and watch her message dramatically impact lives.

Upside-Down Messenger is Amanda’s raw account of her magical, messy journey from inspiration to impact, designed to help other aspiring authors, speakers, and coaches like you:

  • Understand why you are eating pounds of chocolate, filing papers, and cleaning your house instead of moving your message forward

  • Acquire the skills you need to recognize and navigate the messy parts of the journey

  • Become the messenger you know you are here to be, and finally own your message on the page and the stage

If you have a message that won’t leave you alone, and you know you won’t rest until it’s shared, this book is for you!

What if it could be easier?

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Upside-Down Mommy

I was a good mommy…
Until that one moment, on a bad day…?

Having spent most of my life responsible for young children, and more than six years in training with master educators and child development experts, I was more equipped to parent than most young women. And from the day my son was born, I used my impressive arsenal of skills, tools, and strategies with great success. He was happy, healthy, and strong in heart and mind.

It was all working beautifully…until one moment, on a bad day, I nearly crushed his soul and spirit.

Seeing what it was really going to take to keep my child healthy, happy, and strong, my healing journey began. Desperate to give my son everything he needed to live a life with no limits, I searched high and low for ways to heal my own life and found myself at the center of a Divine Intervention, working side-by-side with the most inspiring teacher – my son.

Upside-Down Mommy is my attempt to honor my transformational journey with my son, and share the life-changing lessons that developed a new approach to parenting and living – one that has empowered both of us to:

    • Uncover and Nurture the Unique Gifts in Each Other
    • Avoid the Subtle Damaging Messages, Behaviors, and Power-struggles that Limit and Frustrate
    • Work Together through Every Phase of Growth in a Safe and Sacred Space
    • Break Through and Rewrite Unhealthy Emotional, Spiritual, and Financial Legacies
    • Live Life With No Limits and Huge Impact

What if you could raise your child with no limits?
What if you could live without yours?

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