“The weight of what has happened here is too much for any one of us to bear alone.
The only way we can live with it is to carry it together.”

~ Jamie, Outlander ~

You Can't Make This St*ry Up Retreats​

In these quarterly 3-day retreats, we use the power of Story, Writing, and Community to uncover and rewrite the st*ries that are holding us back.

It’s basically a magical slumber party with new besties, an epic feelings corner, and moments that will leave you forever changed.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the retreats that have already empowered individuals from all walks of life to write better chapters for themselves and their loved ones, workplaces, communities, and industries.

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Time + Destiny

Perception-jarring, time-traveling, memory-shuffling stories not only guarantee a few evenings of being on the edge of your seats with some new besties, but they create a powerful platform for us to help you see your story from a whole new perspective and maybe even travel back to moments in which you can reclaim your power to discover and unfold your destiny instead of continuing to fall victim to fate.

Contracts + Consent

Dystopian future, past, or maybe even present day stories will probably inspire a gasp or a grasp (or both), but they will also give us one of the most powerful means to uncover and rewrite the unconscious agreements that are holding your personal narrative (and our collective narrative) of disconnection, dysfunction, and disempowerment in place.

Responsibility + Power

Middle worlds and mythical creature stories will not only tap your DNA for all of its innate wisdom, but they will challenge you to explore and release the unnecessary burdens you carry and maybe even ignite even more DNA potential with a new adventure your heart has been craving.

What Participants are Saying About This St*ry-Healing Work