"You must gain balance within yourself
before you can bring balance to the world."

~ Guru Pathik, Avatar: The Last Airbender ~

Write to Right the World

Join a community of aspiring heroes and change agents as we use narrative medicine tools to right OUR worlds so we can right THE world.

Do you look out at the world and feel
overwhelmed, scared, or powerless?

Feel like you need to do something to help,
but don’t know how you could possibly make a difference?

Have an inspiration for a solution to one [or many]
of these messes that just needs your attention before sharing it?

You’re not alone.

When the chaos of 2020 hit, I asked my Co-Author to show me the part I am supposed to play in transforming the Collective Upheaval into Collective Renewal, and it became clear.

My part in this is to use all of the expertise I’ve developed over two decades to support aspiring heroes and change agents through the process of Writing to Right the World.

In the last twenty years, I’ve learned about and experienced the power [and limitations] of the narrative medicine tools I use today: the Mind, the Act of Writing, Storytelling, Community, and Energy Balancing.

The Mind

is a powerful tool for observation, critical analysis, synthesis, and visualization. Having grown up in a traditional school system that required rote memorization and regurgitation, I got a serious wake-up call my first year of the honors program that used a Socratic approach. I knew nothing about the process of vetting information for truth, looking at text through history and its author’s particular lens/biases, or debating ideas with others. Simultaneously, in the Education program, I learned about the power of expectation—that people rise and fall to the expectations that are placed on them, verbalized or not. And finally, I received quite an education in the power of the subconscious mind to help us achieve our goals through the use of intention, visualization, and repetition. By the end of those four years, you can bet your butt that it was near-impossible for me to look at the world, raise a child, or do my work without the critical awareness and skills I developed in those classrooms. I could identify inconsistencies in messaging, destroy people’s arguments, and strategize a message… but there was something missing.

The Act of Writing

is a powerful tool for reflection, articulation, healing, and manifesting. Growing up, I’d always loved to write—short stories, poems, essays, etc.—but as my high school English teacher said, “They are going to kick all that fluff out of you at the university.” They did. They made me a fierce critical thinker and persuasive writer, but I lost access to the joy and magic of creating through my writing. I barely wrote anything for years as I went on to teach high school, become a transformational facilitator, and work as an “Eagle-Eye” editor for entrepreneurs. Eventually, I was inspired to write a book series and my whole world immediately changed. Two years later, I decided to open True To Intention and help people with their messages from the beginning; and that’s when I really began to see the power of the writing process. I could not believe the transformative experience I was witnessing. The writing process cracked open doors for healing that I could not pry open through regular facilitation. There was something happening as my clients wrote their ideas and stories, reflected on them, rewrote to articulate deeper truths that were emerging, and then eventually manifested books and brands and, most importantly, healed stories. It appears the conscious and subconscious minds have to wrestle it out when someone is committed to writing their truth, and that leads to a level of internal alignment I believe would be tougher to reach without the writing process. As I paid attention, I realized there was an aspect of this writing process that seemed more important than all the others.


when it’s done well, creates a Whole Self experience. The mind actively follows the details and makes predictions, but it’s the engagement of the emotions and body that make it a powerful opportunity for transformation for all—the person telling the story and especially the audience. Powerful stories allow the truths being delivered to drop from the head into the heart and generate a chemical cocktail that allows the audience to access deeper truths in themselves and rewire neurological pathways. Of course, this means that it is one of the most incredible tools to influence the minds and hearts of people and thus must be wielded with high levels of mindfulness and integrity.


creates more accountability, accelerates healing, and makes everything more fun. The most transformational seasons of my healing journey have occurred when I’ve joined like-minded and like-hearted communities. And over the last ten years of supporting aspiring messengers, I’ve witnessed the power of healing social engagement in dozens of intimate retreats. When we step into safe spaces with people who have similar goals, we exponentially increase the amount of energy directed toward our individual and collective intentions. We are inspired to work harder and deeper, not just for ourselves, but for each other. Plus, we are able to celebrate our successes, support each other through setbacks, and eat plenty of dark chocolate along the way.

Energy Balancing

smoothes out the path and helps the body and mind keep up with the transformational process. After three years of witnessing these balancing sessions for clients, I will never facilitate another healing journey without offering the opportunity. Most of the people who cross my path are highly-sensitive and/or empathic individuals who tend to retreat from deeper work because their physical bodies are not strong enough to survive the chaotic, upside-down process of transformation. This type of support helps them to rebalance and rewire their body, mind, and spirit—to calm the system and increase their capacity for creating change and staying healthy, happy, and vital while they do it.

So, imagine what might happen if we all used these narrative medicine five tools (very carefully and intentionally) to right OUR world, so we can right THE world without making a bigger mess?

And what if we did it together, deepening the impact with our collective intention and energy?

90 Days of Writing to Right the World

Here's how we'll do it...

Daily Writing Prompts

Every morning, you’ll receive access to a writing prompt (and a video to set it up) and write for a minimum of 20 minutes. If you can carve out 30 - 60 minutes, you will deepen your experience and accelerate the process.

Private Space with Allies

The more social engagement, support, and safety you experience through this process, the more we will co-create the collective energy required for true long-lasting change. We will cultivate this energy by sharing our AHAs, OH YEAHs, and ARE YOU KIDDING MEs in the group. And of course, there will be rules around the sharing because these are highly-charged topics and times, and our goal is not to “get to the bottom of this stuff together” but to “experience and witness the process of renewal together.” You'll get access to our private platform CocoonU as soon as you sign up.

Theme-Based Innerlight Sessions [optional]

You will have the opportunity to experience group energy balancing sessions.

What Participants are Saying

If this sounds like the right next step, please join us!