I received so many responses to the email about Ruben’s Legacy of IMPACT this week. Words like POWERFUL, INSPIRING, LIFE-CHANGING filled the emails, and I smiled, thinking about how much Ruben would love to see how his message is already stirring up the desire for others to “start with the end in mind.”

So, how about we do that…start with the end in mind…and memorialize it…?

What is your word?

You know, the one word you want to echo through the halls of life celebration someday?

What word captures the essence of what you want to leave with every person who crosses your path?


Mine is “Unconditional Love”…

It’s the message The Wind gave me the day I asked, “What do YOU want me to share?”…

It’s what I crave most…

It’s what I am here to give…

I want every person who stands up at my Life Celebration someday to say, “She was Unconditional Love. I could be my truest self, with all of my perfect imperfections, and know, without a doubt, that she loved me, and that she was a reflection of Divine Love in my life.”

What about YOU? 


Post your word and commit to living with
THAT END in mind.