Goodbye, Toxic Marketing. Hello, Human!

“We repeat what we don’t repair.”

~ Harris III, The Wonder Switch ~

“Grrrrr…” I’m pretty sure that was the sound I made as I flung my office door open and startled my son, who was just trying to walk down the hallway in peace.

“Uh oh, what happened?” he asked, halting his stride, eyes still wide with surprise but filled with compassion as they met mine.

“I don’t know if you want me to get started on this one. This is a few weeks in the making…” I warned him.

“Well, better out than in, right?” he said, leading us out of the confining hallway and into the living space.

He found a comfy spot and nodded that “lay it on me” nod.

“Well, the last few weeks have been unusually full of infuriating marketing moments. First, there were the events from strangers that somehow landed on my calendar without my permission! For reals? People can get their events on my calendar without my consent?!?” I nearly shrieked.

“Then, I was hanging out with a group of entrepreneurs who were gathering for a personal celebration, and one of them, overhearing an exciting opportunity for their business, pounced on another. Suddenly, they were no longer hanging out as colleagues; the dynamic had shifted intensely enough that most everyone in the room felt the disconnect and wondered how to proceed.” I shook my head.

“Oh, and remember when our friend told us about that shady sh*t that lady did with her masterclass and the prize and the upsell last week?”

“And then, there were all of the LinkedIn and Facebook messages I received that said they had looked at my profile and were really interested in learning more about what I do.  And then as soon as I responded with a note that I’d be happy to connect, they sent me their calendar link to their sales call calendar…” I paused and nodded affirmatively as my son scrunched his nose at the smell of the idea.

“Right! I was annoyed, but I took the call anyway, thinking maybe she just sent me the wrong calendar link. That call was today and it started 7 minutes ago.” His eyebrows raised with my tone. “Exactly. We got online and she said, ‘So I know you showed some interest in my program. What questions do you have?’ And I gently corrected her to open the bigger conversation, ‘Actually, I was responding to your request to get to know me and my work. I have not heard of your program before.’ Instead of saying, ‘Oops,’ she continued with her entire sales spiel.” I shook my head. “When she finished it, I told her that it sounds like a nice program but I am not interested. And you know what she said? ‘Oh, okay. That’s all I have then. Thanks for your time.’ And she hung up!!!”

Good thing we weren’t in the hallway anymore. My frustration might have hurt his eardrums.

“Wow, how does anyone grow a business like that?” he wondered out loud.

“I’m so tired of this, Aaron. I can’t even tell you. It’s like people have forgotten that they are talking to humans. They’re hunting prospects, NOT connecting with people!”

I pushed away from the counter in frustration and then started to feel something emerge from underneath it. “It’s heartbreaking, actually. These people, many of whom I’d bet started out trying to help others and change the world, are missing opportunities for human connection and, in many cases, doing the one thing they say they are here to do-empower people…”

“Mmmmmhmmmm….” he agreed.

“And who knows what opportunities and synchronicities get missed? I mean, I know a ton of amazing people who could be a client, partner, or team member; or maybe there was even a possibility that we could collaborate. But no, we miss out when we walk into every conversation with the agenda of selling a prospect instead of being curious about a person…” The fire had simmered and the water started to flow as my heart began to ache.

“Yeah, I’ve been mad about this happening with me, but it’s actually really sad when you put it that way.” He walked over to me and gave me a hug. “It’s messy, ain’t it? But this is the real stuff, Mom. This is why we are doing what we’re doing-helping people reconnect with themselves and their humanity, so they don’t lose out when they launch their amazing messages into the world.””Onward then,” I said as I squeezed him back.


Are YOU tired of toxic marketing, too?


If you are on my list or paying attention to what I’m writing at all, perhaps you are one of the many aspiring or struggling change agents who are tired of all these marketing games, too-tired of being hunted like a prospect, not engaged as a person.

In fact, you may be so tired of all the toxic marketing that you’ve decided you’re NOT going to play any of those games and their formulas.

Maybe you, like me, have been working for years trying to get all those shenanigans out of your system and your marketing content and sales process.

But perhaps, like many of the “Say No to Toxic Marketing” folks I know and love, you are struggling to reach your audience, enroll people into your amazing offerings, and grow your vision.

Why is that?

Well, over the years, I’ve learned that most messengers over-correct in this arena because they don’t understand that HUMANE MARKETING requires us to understand the principles that toxic marketing uses and use them humanely. It’s not the principles that are the problem; it’s their application that makes them either disempowering or empowering.

What if you could create content that excites you and empowers your audience while it enrolls them?

I believe it’s possible.

I’ve experienced it as a consumer.

I’m committed to it as a business owner and a change agent because I know that I know that I know that we cannot truly empower another human if we’ve disempowered them to enroll them in our programs.



I’m so passionate about this right now, I’ve decided to use Story to not only prove that it’s possible but help messengers stop-overcorrecting and start deeply connecting. It’s called The Greatest Messenger.
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