"I lived through the best years of this world…"

Last weekend, we decided to watch the Carol Burnett Show’s 50th Anniversary tribute. 
My husband and I wondered if our teenager would be cool with it, but agreed that the slapstick element would probably keep his butt on the couch long enough that he might come to appreciate the glimpse of what comedy—an art that he loves and has a lot of  natural talent in—looked like “back in the day.”
His response was profound on so many levels. Not only did he belly laugh, but somewhere near the end, he said… 

Remember when TV said, ‘I love my life?’…I don’t!”

First of all, I love my kid and have no clue why his wisdom continues to stun me. 
Secondly, it reminded me of something Gramma said every time we watched any sort of production with her. TV shows, movies, and even theater productions from this era were always met with a disapproving click of her tongue and the words…

I lived through the best years of this world…” 

I used to argue with her to absolutely no avail, and the more movies and shows I watch from “her day,” the more I understand why she said it. 
And it seems my son agrees. 
When I coaxed him into sharing the thoughts behind his statement, he expressed it matter-of-factly: “Mom, the popular music today is crap. It revolves around drugs and sex and violence. And TV…well, we’ve found some really good shows that have good messages, but a quick scroll through New Releases might surprise you with how dark the imagery and titles are. It’s sad.”

It IS sad.

And it is also the reason why I have always been
obsessed with MESSAGES.

A short time in a classical books program showed me 
how messages and stories not only inform us of our history, but create it…
A few hours with my young sisters and their mentors, music, and movies 
revealed messaging that made me cringe and gave them nightmares…
A college experiment in transforming self-image uncovered the possibility 
that the only thing between us and our potential IS the BS 
that we believe because it’s all we have ever heard and experienced…
A few days in junior high and high school classrooms proved to me that 
most kids are trying to figure out how to survive in a world where messages
discount their point of view, crush their curiosity, and invalidate their feelings…
A couple of powerful messages made me feel like 
I wasn’t alone, that I wasn’t crazy, and that there was hope that I could heal my life and create a new one with the power of my thoughts, words, and actions.
A few years of working with teens in a life skills program showed me that all of the BS can be reversed in a few moments with 
It’s no wonder that I have spent the last decade of my life working next to beautiful souls who have stories that inspire and expertise that changes lives…
…and that the core of my work with them is helping them to figure out how to:
  • communicate their message powerfully, and remove anything that would undermine their intention (it happens all the time!)


  • write it in a way that every reader, audience member, and client has
    A SACRED EXPERIENCE as they read, listen, or interact with the material


Because sometimes

We find ourselves in unfamiliar territory and facing a transition, a challenge, or a tragedy by ourselves.
And without mentors or allies who we can trust to hold sacred space for us while we are in such a vulnerable state, we go to the bookstore or search Google to see if we can find some answers on our own.

But information only gets you so far

It’s the human connection that ignites
healing and transformation

And I continue to witness this in these online workshops I’m facilitating.
There were tears the last time, and I smiled as I realized that these beautiful souls are not only moved by their own stories and messages and the drive to get them into the world… BUT were reminded that the experience of having someone give you their undivided attention while you work through confusion and into clarity is something highly unusual in our daily lives…and yet something our souls crave and need in order to move forward.

Do you have mentors and allies?

Do they listen with all of their attention?

Do they have experience (read: compassion)
in the arena where you are struggling?

If not, then please reach out to me.
I have the incredibly good fortune of being surrounded by astoundingly powerful messengers and mentors whose expertise and compassion cover just about every possible challenge you can imagine.

Whatever you doplease don’t go it alone 
because you are not designed to.

Frodo needed Sam Wise and The Fellowship.
Harry needed Hermoine, Ron, Dumbledore, and Snape.
Luke needed Obi Wan, Yoda, Hans, and Leia.
Carol Burnett needed Vicki Lawrence, Harvey Korman, and Tim Conway.
I needed…well, LOTS of people…
…which is why I’m thrilled to make connections and also to
introduce you to all of them on my new Mindful Messenger TV show
which launches at the end of this month!
Get ready to be inspired and find mentors and allies! 


Write, Publish, and Launch a Powerful Bestseller without Losing Your Sanity or Your Soul is an experiential workshop ONLINE that actually gives aspiring messengers immediate clarity and confidence about their message.

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And don’t forget about that BESTSELLER QUEST!

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So, basically, here’s how
The Bestseller Quest works:

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I ask for your support in getting the message out to those who need it. I bet you can think of at least 5 people right now who have been saying they want to write a book, or become a speaker, or start a coaching business…but they’re stuck, frustrated, and disappointed in their lack of progress.

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We journey together and develop our wings for the next flight!

“What’s the first step?”

I’m glad you asked!

Check out this Video that Alyssa Coelho from Lionheart Creations 
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If that gets you excited, head over to the
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to make sure you choose the right next step/offering for where you are at.

I want YOU to win this year
to live a better story and get your message on the page/stage 
if that’s the quest YOUR SOUL is calling you to make

My dream is that our children and grandchildren will look back at our
“Those were the best years of messaging.
Look at the new world they created for us!”