Is there a booger on my face?

“Babe,” I turned to my husband, “do I have booger on my face?”

He laughed, confirmed that I didn’t, and asked me what was going on.

“I don’t know. Everyone is looking at me weird? You don’t see it?”

“No, but maybe I wasn’t paying attention.”

One last stop…store the TV in the warehouse to be delivered the next day.

Guess what the person at the customer service desk did?

Yep, that’s right. They looked at me like I was some sort of alien and then left me waiting for a really long time.

As I sat there, fielding a million questions from my grandmother, my son, and my husband, I felt the impulse to run and hide.

Oh, I remember this. This is exactly how I felt when I was little. That transformational work I did yesterday has me seeing through my seven-year-old eyes – feeling like I didn’t fit, like I made most people around me uncomfortable, like I had to hide, and eventually like a part of me was always unheard and unseen.

TV handled, we went to dinner. And wouldn’t you know it? The waitress treated me the same way.

Fast-forward three days, and I’m sitting in Ursula Mentjes’ Synchronize MasterMind. She says, “What belief do you want to let go of as you step into your next season?”

“I want to let go of this belief that I make people around me uncomfortable – that I have to hide.”

“What if you’re designed to make them uncomfortable? Aren’t you here to help people change their lives? Doesn’t that require that they see what’s not working right now?”

“Well, yes…”

“What if you could know that your presence will likely stir up people’s ‘stuff,’ but wield that power with the love and grace that everyone knows you for? What if you can just own the power, and not feel like you have to hide?”

“Well, that would be awesome…”