Resistance to Writing It Down

“Okay, so take a few minutes and write down your revenue goals for 2011.”

Ugghhh…I hate this! I wonder if she’ll notice if I don’t write them down again.

She smiled at me from across the room. She noticed. We’ve played together for a long time. I’ve coached her with her books, she’s coached me on my business, we’ve had breakdowns and questioned our purpose, and we’ve witnessed each other’s breakthroughs and most exciting moments in business. But she’d moved and grown her business at quantum speeds in the last two years, and my growth…well, it was slow.

I know there’s something to this process. What is my problem? Why do I feel so much resistance? I smiled back…and rolled my eyes – letting her know, again, how much I hated writing down my revenue goals.

“So, why do you think you hate doing that so much?” she had waited until everyone else had left.

“I’m not sure. I think it’s because every time I write my goals down and get excited about them, it’s like The Wind comes in and says, ‘Well, that’s nice, Honey, but try this!’”

As soon as I said those words, I knew the reason for the resistance. I’m scared that I can’t handle what’s unfolding – that the dream suddenly has a life of its own and I will have to change direction again.

And then I remembered the aha that allowed me to dare to dream and manifest True to Intention just one year before: All of those previous intentions – writing, teaching, writing instructing, and facilitating transformational workshops – all manifested the tools and skills I needed to do what I’m doing today. So why am I scared? I’ve been guided and directed and prepared all along. Why would The Wind call me to dream, change, grow, and expand my possibilities, and then leave me hanging?

“Okay, Sister, I get it. It’s not the number in the revenue goal, nor the steps I create to achieve it that matter; it’s that in writing it down and saying it out loud, I solidify my intention to grow, to expand, to continue to say YES to the unfolding of a dream that is beyond my imagination.

And that’s what I did. I wrote down my goals, and I said YES all year.

When my authors were getting stuck with the preliminary homework, I said YES to the inspiration to create the Jumpstart Your Message Retreat opportunity for them to come and get all the clarity and structure in a weekend…

When they were struggling financially, I said YES to the inspiration to create the Monetize Your Message Retreat opportunity for them to learn how to make money on their message from some of my most amazing coaches…

When they got the books done, and were starting to ask questions and run around crazy-like, looking for the right people to help them produce the books, I said YES to the inspiration to create the book production program to help them get it done…

Was it scary?

Oh yeah!

Did I have to ask for help and a whole lot of it?

Oh yeah!

Did I question whether I was crazy or not?

Oh yeah! Lots of times!

Did I have meltdowns and breakdowns on my way to the breakthroughs?

Oh yeah!

Was it all amazing and worth it?

Oh yeah!