Holy Gratitude

I wish you could have seen me yesterday about 4:30pm.
In the middle of Whole Foods — the hot bar section specifically — waiting for my pizza to come out of the oven.
Reviewing the dozens of posts/comments and emails that came in all day long.
Glowing with gratitude.
And then sobbing in awe when I saw it.

I’ve been telling you that this book changed my life. 

Writing it helped me uncover and heal a st*ry that has been undermining my health, my relationships, my sanity, my work, and even my finances.
And when I say “writing it helped me heal the st*ry,” I mean that the one part of the book that I didn’t expect to write — the Epilogue or preview of the next book– quite literally gave me the answer to the question: “How do I heal and rewire this st*ry?”
As soon as I saw the answer, I began to leverage my st*ry-healing framework and the superpowers of my allies and mentors to wrap up this almost-32-year-long chapter of my life.

And yesterday…

While the book was launching…
While my allies and mentors were supporting me…
While I was bagging groceries and wishing people a happy holiday…
The Wind, a.k.a. My Co-Author, decided to write in an unbelievable plot twist — the perfect ending to a magical and messy chapter of my life.
I received an email yesterday that I shouldn’t have received.
My old st*ry and the matrix I am living in wouldn’t allow it.
And yet, there is was.
The st*ry is changed.
The matrix is rewiring.

And I am overwhelmed with Holy Gratitude.

To The Wind.
To you, for the role you have played in this beautiful story.

May you and yours be blessed with Holy Gratitude today.

May you get a glimpse of how The Wind/Your Co-Author 

is writing in the perfect allies, villains, dialogues, and plot twists 
to take you to your heroic endings and new beginnings.

May you notice the light and love of Your Co-Author 

beaming through the eyes of your loved ones.

May you feel the light and love of Your Co-Author 

embracing you at the doors and grabbing your hands around the table.

May you hear the light and love of Your Co-Author 

in the conversations and laughter that rings through the air.

May you realize and leverage your true power as a Co-Author

to write truer, more powerful stories for yourself and others.
That is my prayer for each and every one of you today.