Dare to Dream – Secret #1

“Good evening! Wow! Look at this room! You know, I imagined standing up here and saying something like, ‘It’s just like I dreamed it would be,’ but that’s not true! THIS – THIS…” my hands extended toward the room “…IS WAY BEYOND MY DREAM!”

I paused, just to breathe in the moment, realizing what a perfect set-up this was for the message I had been inspired to deliver.

“You see, this is what happens when you dare to dream… Seven months ago, this event was just an inspiration – a crazy idea that made perfect sense and no sense at all. (Have you ever had one of those?) I was listening to a two-week-old recorded call on which Lisa had offered to keynote and sign Unbreakable Spirit books at ONLY SIX events. Well, that’s a no-brainer. I mean, we are not just co-authors. We partner to help aspiring authors write books, for goodness’ sake. Suddenly, I was flooded with the possibilities: What if this could be a True to Intention eventwhere I could launch some of my authors on the stage next to myself and a six-time New York Times Bestselling Author? Wouldn’t that be awesome?!? Wow…I bet they’d get those books done FAST. What an opportunity!

But by the end of the recording, I heard her say that six co-authors had already texted her names and dates and, remember, that was two weeks earlier. But I KNEW IN MY CORE that this event was supposed to happen. So I called Lisa and made a BIG request. (She IS the one who taught me how to ask BIG!) And, as you can see, she said YES.

And then came the Upside Down…

Crap! How are we going to produce the books in time? I have a team to polish them, but how are we going to get them designed, printed, and published? I was almost sick to my stomach, thinking about how some of my previous authors had struggled desperately to complete the final stages of their book journey. And then it hit me. Don’t I already know people who could do all of that? Hmmmm…a Messenger Launch program?

And then the magic started to happen. The team came together. The system was created. The authors took the leap, made the investment, and wrote their books in less than two months. The editing, the design, the websites…it all got done. And here we are…

 But there’s what I really want you to get: I had NO IDEA what it would take to make this dream happen when I said YES to it seven months ago. I had no idea that the hidden blessing was a substantial jump in my revenue. All I had was the KNOWING that it had to happen…and that I had everything I needed (within and around me) to make it happen. It hasn’t all been easy. There have been more than a fair share of tears and breakdowns…but take a moment and look around this room. This was just a dream seven months ago. Only one of the books you see featured tonight was actually fully written and produced when I said YES to this. And look…”


I don’t share this to toot my own horn. Quite to the contrary, in fact. I want you to see what is possible. Dreams are possible. And if they are possible for me, they are possible for you.

So, what’s your dream? And what can you do to manifest it more quickly?

Looking back on the last two years, I’ve uncovered a few secrets that I want to share with you so that you can manifest your dream FAST.

Here’s the first one, and I’ll share the others over the next few weeks, as it’s good to digest one at a time.

#1 – Imagine the possibilities. Don’t limit the dream, even if it feels big. The bigger the dream is, the easier it is to manifest. What?!? Yes, I know it sounds wrong, but I’ve found it to be true again and again.

When your dream feels like a small stretch, it’s too easy to begin thinking about how YOU can make it happen. But when it’s so big that you know from the beginning that you cannot do it alone, you open up the possibility for more Divine and Human Support than you would ever be open to with a small dream.

When I declared that I was going to attract a Secret Teacher, I had no idea how it would happen. I just knew it would. I didn’t know anyone who knew anyone. I had to rely on The Wind to show me the way. And three months later, because I was listening and following the inspiration, the Secret Teacher walked into a Sizzler behind me and invited me to her workshop.

When I declared I was going to fill a room with 200 people for the Dare to Dream event, I knew that I could not do it alone. I had to ask for help. I went straight to my Sales Coach Ursula Mentjes and worked to model her success in filling big events. I went to my community and asked them for help. And, of course, I trusted that if it was a Divine Dream, it would be divinely supported.

And, oh my, was it! Our final count was 202 people…standing room only at the very first True to Intention event.  

So, again, what is your dream? And what are the possibilities for that dream? How can you stretch it beyond your own capacity so Divine Support can show up for you?

Spotlighting Cheryl Angela
(because I didn’t have the chance to that night!)

For those of you who attended the event, you probably saw and heard Cheryl Angela sharing her gift with our room. As a harpist/vocalist, therapeutic harp practitioner, harp and vocal instructor and composer, Cheryl’s practiced skill and heartfelt devotion to her calling truly bring the harp to life. Cheryl plays clients’ favorite music or her own compositions at special events. Her unique gift extends beyond the musical score to improvisations that connect with clients individually and their groups. Cheryl also specializes in the therapeutic harp for those in need of stress relief, pain management, healing, rehabilitation or comfort.

She also has recorded a beautiful CD that is bringing individuals and groups much comfort and healing.

You can connect with Angela about your event or purchase her CD by contacting her at: