Amanda’s “Take My Life to the Next Level” Checklist

I’ve been joking that “I’m so upside-down,” tying up personal and professional loose ends and getting ready for this trip ‘to take my life to the next level,’ “I just need to make sure I don’t forget my undies.”

But as I’m packing this morning….

For my first journey flying alone, to a foreign country, to meet 50 people I don’t know…to work on me, my life, and my business…

I’m not sure what’s going to happen, but I’m sure that I’m LEAVING WELL and TAKING THE MOST IMPORTANT ITEMS with me…

You see, they gave me a checklist, but after years of diving into the deep end of transformation and immersing myself into a community of like-minded people for support toward one of my goals…

Checklist for LEAVING WELL

  • spend every extra moment with the hubby, kiddo, and gramma before I take off, even when the pile on my desk is pulling at me
  • write love notes that they can open when I leave – thanking them for their love and support, reminding them that I am going for me and for all of us…for the life that we’re building and experiencing together
  • set up a way to stay in communication, expectations and boundaries around using it, and test it – or let your 12 year old find the best app and set it up for you :). This time, the coach is asking me to unplug, so I’m only checking once a day…for the first time ever.



  • Support from my inner circle – I had people to talk to about the fears and resistance I experienced leading up to this event (some of my friends happily volunteered to climb in my suitcase – how lucky am I?)
  • Kleenex – cuz every new level requires a letting go of the old, and even when it’s good, it hurts
  • Paint Brushes + Journal – writing has always been part of my way of processing, but art has become a new favorite way to see what’s happening under the surface and release some of the angsty emotions and anchor the yummy ones
  • Water + Paleo Cookies – honestly, these cookies my kiddo made me are soooooooo good. I think he put some love in them.